We Don’t Have to Change At All

Recently the boys outgrew their shoes. So we went to buy new ones.

Me: Do you have these in a 13?
Sales Dude: The pink ones?
Me: Yup. In a 13?
Sales Dude: Those are girl’s shoes.
Me: Are girl’s shoes sized differently?
Sales Dude: No.
Me: Then a 13, please.

I have a lot of feelings about pink and gender and stereotypes and misogyny. I have a lot of feelings about a LOT of things. Including kneeling and Puerto Rico and Russia and…well…I’m not going to tackle any of them here today. (I did over here, though. And here.)

Today I’ll just say that the boys and I are listening (and reading) a whole lot of Free to Be You and Me. Because it will never not be awesome and poignant and timely. Marlo Thomas is magic. And so is Rosey Grier.

Hence today’s ukulele song:

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