Yer So Bad

If I’m being honest, all I want to do this week is gobble pink Starbursts (stolen from my kids’ easter hauls, obvs) and wander through Siobhan Gallagher’s Tumblr feed. Admit it. Now that you clicked through, it’s all you want to do, too. (And speaking of clicking through, go see […]


This week has been full of news – most of it hard. Some would say that such weeks aren’t the time for silly ukulele videos. I’d agree with them for the most part. But picking up a ukulele feelsĀ like a better way to cope than drinking or destroying or detonating. […]

Best Day of My Life

It’s been an exciting week of houseguests, epic tantrums, social engagements, and wine. I’m exhausted. But mostly in the good way. At the very least, I feel super lucky to have all the reasons I’m exhausted. If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, stay awake for 72 straight hours then […]

Sunny Side of the Street

I’ve spent the bulk of the week entertaining Dr. Undergear Anna Bambam-ina-bambam. That’s my 3yo’s new imaginary friend. And yes, you have to say her entire name Every. Single. Time. Which is not at all time intensive. Also? She only eats spaghetti. But she doesn’t like it when there’s tomato […]

Tomato Man

Nothing has gone as planned this week. And that’s ok. Because I just found out there’s a local liquor store that delivers. So even when all plans go awry, there’s hope! Wait. I feel an inspiration poster coming on… I know. I’ve missed my calling, haven’t I? Where were we? […]

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