Best Day of My Life

It’s been an exciting week of houseguests, epic tantrums, social engagements, and wine. I’m exhausted. But mostly in the good way. At the very least, I feel super lucky to have all the reasons I’m exhausted. If that last sentence doesn’t make sense, stay awake for 72 straight hours then […]

Sunny Side of the Street

I’ve spent the bulk of the week entertaining Dr. Undergear Anna Bambam-ina-bambam. That’s my 3yo’s new imaginary friend. And yes, you have to say her entire name Every. Single. Time. Which is not at all time intensive. Also? She only eats spaghetti. But she doesn’t like it when there’s tomato […]

Tomato Man

Nothing has gone as planned this week. And that’s ok. Because I just found out there’s a local liquor store that delivers. So even when all plans go awry, there’s hope! Wait. I feel an inspiration poster coming on… I know. I’ve missed my calling, haven’t I? Where were we? […]

Joy Parade

So I have some exciting news! No, the book isn’t coming out anytime soon. No, I still haven’t found an agent. Why yes, I did put on lipstick for the uke video. But that’s NOT my exciting news. Guess who has two thumbs, morning hair, and a RECURRING COLUMN ON […]

Choo Choo Ch’Boogie

Some day I’m going to record a kid friendly song and then NOT curse afterwards. Just not today. And seriously, are curse words what we most need to protect our children from when the world is full of things like this? In case it’s not clear, that last question was rhetorical. […]

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