The Looming Decade

My birthday is ten days away. Ten days until I hit another birthday divisible my ten. I think my 39.9yo colon is rehearsing a birthday tune at this very moment. Getting old is a bitch. Then again, the alternative is WAY worse. Remember when I said I wanted to write […]

Forty Day Dream

You know what’s really fun to say? Autumnal. As in the autumnal equinox. Which is, contrary to popular opinion, not a gym for ladies that love pumpkin spice lattes. Confession: I’m thinking about trying one of those this year. Do they actually taste of pumpkin or are they just cloven? […]

When Show Tunes Go Bad

I’ve been trying to paint more, lately. After hammering at words on a screen, sometimes I need the instant gratification of painting. Smears on canvas. Textured chunks of color. Mistakes and missteps buried beneath more layers rather than simply deleted. It’s the equivalent of yoga for the brain, I think. […]

Aba Daba Honeymoon

Look at me! I uked! And yes, you are absolutely right. I need a haircut like whoa. Which is exactly why I’m going to go do that next. Then, of course, I’ll return to my regular vagenda of manocide. (At some point I’ll probably get tired of saying that. Please […]

David Lee Roth Kicks

No. I’m not announcing anything exciting. That post title is a trick. Except it’s not. It’s literal. I know people opine about the beauty of the Internet as this great equalizer and uniter and unending supplier of porn and kittens – sometimes at the same time – but I personally […]

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