Who’s Buggin?

ellyukeWhen her oncologist suggested learning a new language to help recover from chemo brain, Elly Lonon chose to learn HTML which led to the creation of her blog, BugginWord.com. Her writing has been featured at The New York Times, McSweeney’s, Scary Mommy, Club Mid, SexIs, Your Tango, Sammiches And Psych Meds, and a¬†disappointing¬†number of now defunct sites. She’s also appeared in print within the pages of O Magazine and several parenting humor anthologies. Her memoir, Lymphomania, will hopefully find a home with a publisher very soon.

She really, really hates writing in the third person.

She does, however, really like hearing from people – especially people capable of preparing their own meals. So drop her an email sometime. Or now. Now is good, too.


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