Sweet Uke of Mine

You: Hey, are you ever going to, you know, write stuff again?

Me:  Maybe?

You: Seriously?

Me: I’m sort of in the middle of throwing myself a pity party and I don’t like writing those posts any more than you like reading them.

You: So it’s just going to be these half-assed uke videos for the next bit?

Me: Seems like. But since you peeps seem to tolerate mediocrity when there’s a kid or cat involved, I’ll try and work those in, too.  Like today’s vid for example….

Have a fabu weekend filled with glitter encrusted wine goblets and peanut butter cups.  And ponies.  And yodeling midgets.  And miles and miles of sleep.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Uke of Mine

  1. Man. That was AMAZING.

    And that first year of mutterhood? Fiftythousandfuckingyearslong. I know you know this now, but WHO THE FUCK TELLS US THIS SHIT?!

    So … I know how you feel, I was there and it gets better. I’ma tell you that each and every time, until you tell me it doesn’t make you feel any better.

    And that percussion/BG singer? You can’t make that shit up. It was that good. (Also, your improv stuff made me jealous of your talent/abilities. Very jealous.)

    mwah! sending love your way.


  2. Your so-called “mediocrity” is more than I could ever hope to be able to do. And you have a good weekend too–including Thumper sunshine-farts.


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