Really Random – Even for Me

So I killed another cell phone.  I’m really quite talented when it comes to electronics, don’t you think?  So for those of you keeping count, this will be my 11th Palm Pre since July of 2009.  No idea why HP isn’t going to support the technology anymore.  *sigh*

But in the process of cleaning out the phones, I’ve found some pretty stellar photos that I’d completely forgotten about.  And since I’m really anxious about a meeting I have today that I’m not going to tell you about because I don’t want to jinx anything but if all goes well I might have something wonderful to tell you tomorrow but in the meantime I’m having trouble focusing on anything else *deep breath* I’m sharing the random phone photos just rescued from digital purgatory.

Please hold your applause until the end.

How ’bout I start you off easy with a cute cat photo?

Right?  Easy going.  Now here’s Mildred in the lap of a random British guy who hand fed her ham when I wasn’t looking.  Right before she sucked out his soul with her laser eyes.  Obviously.

Now on to people – here’s a cheesy shot of Rocco.

And a friend of mine showing the proper use of multiple BugginWord kazoos.  (PS I have a few more of those if anyone wants one of their very own…)

A peaceful photo of my brother Thom, sleeping.

A friend of mine who gives me hope that motherhood isn’t all bad.  I mean, there’s still beer, right?

Oh, and some guy and his cock.

For the record, that last photo is even more enjoyable if you know that the gentleman’s *ahem* accessory was actually a gift for my father this guy felt the need to sample.  But isn’t that always the story behind such photos?

Home stretch!  I found this in my mom’s bathroom.

I did NOT find this in my mom’s bathroom.  *huge sigh of relief*

Nope.  I found that finger right next to this electronic yodeling pickle.

And lastly, when I say I want a pony THIS is not what I mean.  (Though “glitoris” is my new favorite word.)

16 comments to Really Random – Even for Me

  • Glitoris! Glitoris for all! I wish you a glitoris. Good glitoris to you and yours. I’ve had my glitoris serviced. I can’t decide what to wear with this dress: pumps or glitoris? Look, a shooting glitoris. Yes, that’s a lovely tea cozy, but wherever did you find that stunning glitoris? I used to drink white wine, but I’ve switched to glitoris. I always say, “Keep your friends close, your glitoris closer.”

    I hope you get a glitoris bonus with your book deal/miniature giraffe/reality TV show today. Good luck!


    I love you. That is all.


  • “Ultra” Slut?


    Mom is sort of an over-achiever. She’d never settle for being just your average, everyday slut.


  • I promise you that in my 2012 Translesbigayapalooza blogfest blowout, the word GLITORIS will figure prominently. Thanks!


    I’m going to get an invitation, right?


  • i never vajazzled, but you can bet your sweet bippy that i’m attending the next glitoris party i hear about!


    Sweet! Looks like Deb is throwing the party. We’ve just got to get Sandy in on the organizing committee.


  • Ron

    You’re great! This is my first time to encounter Glitoris and this word will probably be known and prominent.


    Probably?!?! As soon as the have the technology for glitter tattoos, I’m getting the word on my forehead!


  • An electric yodelling pickle? That is so awesome… to the top of the Christmas list it goes!


    It’s true. No home is complete without one.


  • I had to come back this morning to finish reading because I was so jealous that you have a meeting… I didn’t even care what kind of meeting… but A GLITORIS meeting, I suspect. Wishing you luck!


    A two plus hour meeting in Bryant Park even! And it went WELL…


  • Kirsten

    I am proud to say I own an electric yodeling pickle. Then again I am looking forward to 9/23 – National Dog in Politics Day AND National Checkers Day. So put it in context.


  • cooltoff

    Hardly “some ramdom english guy”.


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