This One’s for Uke, Dad

Poor Rocco just walked in on me watching a step by step video tutorial on creating the perfect vagina cupcake.  I can hear him hiding the cupcake tins already.

In other news, it’s my dad’s birthday today.  So I have to show off this super adorable Polaroid I found of him while unpacking.

Don’t worry, Mom has a matching one, too.

I know.  I have the cutest parents EVER.  And that’s why this uke is for you, Dad.  Happy Birthday.  To everyone else?  Boy am I sorry to subject you to this.  Not sorry enough to shower or put on makeup though, apparently.  You’re welcome.

Happy Friday.  Happy Motherfuckingboozetime.  In ten weeks I look forward to joining you again in a cocktail…or forty-seven.

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