I’m starting to think each month has its very own cancer.  Who needs a birthstone, flower, or holiday to represent a month when you have a potentially terminal disease instead? October was Breast Cancer Awareness month as we all well know from the relentless barrage of pink.  But until today, I never realized November was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  Consider yourself informed.

It’s possible I never paid a whole mess of attention to prostate cancer since I myself lack one.  This year, however, I’ve got three people near and dear to my heart currently dealing with the disease.  So instead of skipping over yet another cancer headline, I decided to read this article.

First off, I’m so excited to learn that Australian slang for mustache is “mo.”  I’m not entirely sure why this tickles me so.  Perhaps it’s my tendency to make up words entirely or use existing words completely incorrectly.  Perhaps it’s my eagerness to call Dad and tell him I found the perfect “mo” dye for his retirement party.  I might take a special trip into Chelsea to compliment my favorite ‘mo’s on their “mo’s.”  I can’t go in this direction no mo’.  My brain is officially running in slow mo.

Basically, the Movember Foundation encourages men to start today (Nov 1st) with a clean shaven lip, a song in their heart, and a desire to “change the face of men’s health.”  Then these “mo bros” pledge to cultivate their face pubes twixt nose and lip (beards, goatees, and soul patches do not count) for the next 30 days.  That ought to make for some hairy (and messy) Thanksgiving dinners.

And what do these adorable Australian activists call these mustaches?  Hairy Ribbons!  Maybe it’s the caffeine kicking in but that just sends me into squeals of giddy laughter.  Then again, those two words used together always make me instantly picture Kathleen Turner’s performance in The Graduate.

A hairy ribbon is so much better than sticking a gigantic pink ribbon magnet on the back of a minivan.  Maybe John Oates could be their celebrity spokesperson.  We know he’s willingly shaved off his trademark before.

Rather than cultivate my own ‘stache (a girl does have a little pride), I’m going to try and talk Rococo into getting fuzzy.  What’s better than increasing Prostate Cancer Awareness while keeping me amused?  Did I mention Magnum PI was smoking hot?

When I floated the idea by Rocco he said,” I’ll do it if Paul does it.” The gauntlet has been thrown.  Are you in Paul?  Are there any other volunteers out there?

I can hardly sit still I’m so excited by the potential photos!!

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