All I Do Is Dream Of You

I was going to share this amazing conversation I had with my parents over Thanksgiving, but I foolishly showed it to my mother first. She demurely and with absolutely no profanity requested that I not publish said post. So now that she has her Christmas present early, you get nothing but a […]


All Through The Night

Between the time change, the election, a bevy of family birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMMY!), and the full moon, my kids are losing their ever-loving minds. So, in turn, am I. I’m having a hard time even remembering what sleep feels like. I can still remember that I like it an […]


This Little Light of Mine

I think we can all agree this hasn’t been a banner week. But the world still turns. I wrote a piece Wednesday morning about how we must shine on, fight on, hope on. (You can read it here.) And I’m striving, truly, to rally behind that ideal. But some moments, many […]


Suzy Q’s

I’ve been thinking a lot about Susan B. Anthony – suffragette extraordinaire and symbol of the women’s rights movement. But this morning, someone in my Facebook feed called her a racist. So I started reading. Researching. Yes, she started out as an abolitionist and, by some accounts, remained so in […]


Walking On Sunshine

My kids seem to keep doing that thing where they jump entire sizes overnight. So we’ve been spending entirely too much time in shoe departments. Paul: May I try these on? Me: Did you find those in the girl’s section, love? Paul: They were on the other side. Is that […]

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