Hate Is Not New

A photo posted by adrienne maree brown (@adriennemareebrown) on Jul 9, 2016 at 8:10pm PDT   “I’m afraid,” I mumbled around my hands, trying to push the tears back in before the boys found us and started with questions and their own worried cries. “I know,” Rocco answered. “It’s frightening. […]

David Lee Roth Kicks

No. I’m not announcing anything exciting. That post title is a trick. Except it’s not. It’s literal. I know people opine about the beauty of the Internet as this great equalizer and uniter and unending supplier of porn and kittens – sometimes at the same time – but I personally […]


Paul: WHAT IS THAT? Me: What are you talking about? Paul: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Me: A dress? Paul: That’s what it’s called? Me: I’ve worn a dress before. Paul: You look AMAZING. Me: Thanks, buddy. But it’s just a t-shirt dress. Paul: So it’s like a shirt connected to […]


Bernadette Peters Hates Me

“Again? Who ARE you? Are you suddenly the kind of person who blogs regularly again?” That’s what you were thinking, right? And I can see where you’d start to think that. But really what we have here is a massive case of procrastination. Or maybe it’s prioritization. Or, for the […]

An Open Letter to My Struggling Friend on Mother’s Day

I know, I know. Two posts in less than a week! If Trump as the Republican nominee wasn’t already proof the END OF DAYS was upon us, my sudden prolificness would be, right? But I have a piece up over at Sammiches and Psych Meds today that I thought might […]

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